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What I’m up to these days :)

March 6, 2011

So… what am I up to these days? What am I practicing?

WELL if you’re not interested sorry. Haha 🙂 but should be interesting enough… because I am practicing two of the most awesome pieces ever! (well I say this for every piece I play… but hey, they are all good!)

One, Clair de Lune by Debussy. This became really famous through Twilight, but really, it is not all about that! I will give a better representation of that piece on my next entry, should be fascinating.

Second one…. yes the Chopin Ballade I talked about last last time, played by Zimmerman. I am trying really hard to play like him, but to be honest, this one is one of the hardest I’ve ever done. The hardest ever was Ravel’s piece, which I forgot the name of, and the second hardest was La Campanella by Liszt.

Anyway, I am enjoying both of them very much and am planning to play them about next month (probably?) in a hospital for a volunteering activity. Super excited, but still, they are hard. Maybe not technically, but to convey exactly what the composer wanted, woah.

Especially the Ballade is a challenge, I play it too… dynamically, I should say. I play it too fast. And I’m supposed to hear the longing in it and the softness…. and to hear the contrast in the middle. Oh well. Still working on it. 🙂 And I need a goal to achieve anyways. 🙂

Maybe I’ll upload a video of me playing in the hospital later on ? 😀


Chopin Ballade No.1

February 7, 2011

Ok, back our ‘his delicacy’, Frédéric Chopin.

Listen… (I personally LOVEEEE Zimerman’s touch here. 🙂 )

Basically, I explained everything I have to say about Chopin in my previous entry, but yet again, IT IS DELICATE. One could never use too much of that term when describing Chopin.

At the start… listen to his delicate touches, and delicate notes. They are quiet, yet they have a power to touch minds. They are simple, yet they capture minds. They make you focus.

This music is soft, yet amazingly romantic. I myself am practicing this very piece at this moment, and I think of romance when I play it. The emotion of love helps to carry out the notes better.

There is also a hint of faint longing. At every turn of the music, listen… longing, the longing is hiding. The desperation of it! If you inspect the pianist’s expression, the solemn longing is in his face.

At the same time, there is mystery. The music is quite veiled, but not too much. There is the beauty of it; it stimulates wonders to the listeners, yet do not give all the answers.

You may have realized, by this point, that I have used ‘~, yet ~’ form a lot. Yes, contradictions. As irony in literature is beautiful, this contrast in music is ‘delicate’. This is really hard to craft in music; that is why it has to be carved ‘delicately’, just as Chopin.

Music is an art, just as art, dance, and literature is. It is also wonderfully scientific and mathematical. And it contains history and philosophy.

In this perspective, how is this Ballade really like?

Well, there are patterns. Repeating patterns. With different notes and feelings. He plays with them, the pieces, and does a very good job with it. Again, his ‘play’ is ‘delicate’, like building a sand castle that, by a single mistouch, will break down.

So; it is not just ‘mere music piece’. It is everything.

Imagery, for example. How many imageries does it create? A moon, a moon clouded by clouds and mists, a peaceful yet dark waves, a love, happiness, tragedy; to only name a few. And yet, philosophies and the weight of life lie upon.

Listen one more time. Keep these in mind. And do not limit it to what I’ve explained; remember, music expresses ‘everything’.