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Swan Lake

June 7, 2011

I know, I know. I promised to write a post on Clair de Lune, but alas, this post is the last post for quarter 4, 2011. So I decided to end this quarter by introducing a new guy that particularly girls would love: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Listen to the music.

What different charm does he have from other musicians I’ve introduced so far? Well, I guess Chopin’s style is a bit similar. I would say that he has dainty notes that are so delicate that a small touch may break the whole rhythm! How to you touch music? It’s up to you!

This Swan Lake Waltz is beautiful in such a different way from Beethoven’s. It’s far from majestic; it’s daintily intricate like beautiful crystal ornaments.

It really touches my heart in the middle where the melody really pleads to us, if that makes sense. The music is pleading… it’s desperate… then that desperation gets bigger and bigger. Such a tragic music, but beautiful. It really proves that tragedy is sometimes beautiful… or maybe Tchaikovsky beautified tragedy very well.

I’m really sad that this blog post is the last one for quarter 4, but I’m also really glad that summer vacation is almost here. Life is bittersweet, isn’t it? Ooh, that adjective fits this music well! 🙂

Anyways, thank you all for visiting my blog and enjoying my posts! It’s been a great pleasure to interact with all of you. (Although NO ONE commented on any blog post except for Mr. B… I’m pretty sure you all did in your heart. ) Have a great summer!

p.s. If you truly want to have a great summer, listen to lots of classical music and you will know that THAT IS LIFE.


New Thoughts

June 6, 2011

Honestly, I don’t listen to any music these days. I know it’s pathetic because I WRITE about music (duh!) but seriously, I have no time for it. But then again, I ask myself: is this an excuse?

The answer is YES. It is an excuse. Why would I not have time to listen to a little bit of music when I have time to talk to my friends on the phone or do internet shopping?

I feel like I’m missing out a lot these days… haha I’m just complaining right now because I have so much workload and it’s almost finals. Seriously, even though finals are coming my way, I should relax myself and listen to some music. I think it’ll do me some good.

Mozart with his sweet, innocent tunes and Beethoven with his majesty…. and Bach with his originality and Debussy with his dreams… Chopin with his intricate notes and Tchaikovsky with dainty little melodies…. I miss them all.

Sometimes in life I feel like I should lay down everything and just have a little bit of time to look back. And that’s exactly what I need right now… with a little bit of classical music.


Why is Classics so Beautiful?

June 2, 2011

Read the title above. Do you all agree? 🙂

Hopefully, you do. Well, certainly I do.

So the question is WHY? WHY is it?

To answer this question, BECAUSE IT HAS SOULS INCORPORATED INTO IT. Simple. Every single composer poured his/her life into it. When you listen to a classical piece, it’s easy to notice that it touches your emotions deeply within. It is not SHALLOW. OK, honestly, pop culture these days is cool. But does it make it deep? I don’t think so, personally. Pop culture is something that everyone can enjoy, but again lightly. But Classics! It might be difficult, I know, but it has a depth that no other music has. Honestly for me, it is the only genre of music that can really, really touch my heart and bring something deep within.

And it’s just BEAUTY itself. And it’s original. Music is born to be beautiful, to appeal to human minds and souls. And ORIGINALLY, it was the classical music that did it. Sometimes, being original is the most beautiful, although it may not be as fancy as being modern. It’s so innocent! And while it is not as ‘fancy’, its intricacy and modest beauty are beyond compare. BEYOND. FOREVER!!!!

(Don’t take it personally, those of you who appreciate modern music more, but I think while technology is evolving more and more, music is de-evolving more and more, if that makes sense. Because its uniqueness is so astonishing that no other genre has its beauty! Again, a very personal opinion. )

OK. The reason that I’m writing this post right now, although I was focusing on Debussy for a while is that I don’t have earphones with me right now but I have to work on my blog post so… 🙂 Anyways, my whole point of this blog is to convince everyone that classic music is indeed beautiful, so I’ve done my job.