About Me :)

Hi, this is Eunice C. in Ms. P’s English 10 class. I currently attend Korea International School.

I have deep passion for many, many things; mathematics, science, music, Jesus, education, school, serving others, friends, family, and so much more.

This blog, however, is going to focus on only one topic from above–music. And especially, classical music.

It saddens me that a lot of people automatically categorize classical music as ‘boring’. Well, it really is not, if you REALLY listen. In my opinion, classical music is the most beautiful music of all time and genres. Nothing is more delicate and deeply touching than classical music. It directly connects to your soul and does amazing works. 🙂

Through this blog, I will disprove that boringness and show everyone how beautiful classical music actually is.

Bach; the most boring of all. Really? Or does he have more depth and sincerity in his music than anyone else? Let’s find out. 🙂


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