Shortening Summer Vacation?

July 17, 2011

This is a response to this article:


I’m still a high school student, and from my point of view, I cannot agree more with the writer. My school actually has a shorter summer vacation compared to other schools and instead has many short breaks during the school year. Because my school is especially academically pressuring and challenging (you have no idea), those short breaks have really helped me to catch some breath and catch up with any schoolwork I’ve missed, or even given me time for extra work: they are proving to be effective for me. Although sometimes I complain about short summer vacation, I really don’t think I would prepare more for another school year just by having a longer vacation. I’m still a teenager; like any others, I have limited amount of tolerance for studying by myself over the summer. Longer summer vacations will only give me good excuses to slack. Even if you do go to summer schools or camps, they are really just secondary aids to help you be more successful at school—without a more effective school system, they are no good anyways. As I was writing this response, I realized that I have so much summer work left to do, and I only have three weeks left . . .


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