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Frédéric Chopin

January 27, 2011

This is Frédéric Chopin. What comes to your mind when you look at his portrait?

Well, first of all, definitely not ‘masculine’ or ‘well-built’. He is closer to feminine and delicate. And yes, those were his characters. Known to be quite feminine and ill very often, he was a delicacy of a man. Is that bad? No, of course not. Not at all in this case, at least. His ‘delicacy’ produced some of the most beautiful pieces in music history. Also known as ‘the poet of the piano’, his music is ‘delicacy’ itself. No other words to explain its beauty. I’ve used the word ‘delicacy’ in this paragraph 4 times, but that word describes his music and the true person that he was.

His music trickles into your soul though those delicate notes… so carefully and ‘delicately’ carved. Carved. Pieced. Written. Painted. Stroked. Just pure delicacy and beauty. Its pureness is almost astounding. And at the same time, it has traces of romance and deep passion.

It’s as seeing a pure gem with light shining through… and beautiful color spectrum visible at its edge… and you wonder and gape at its beauty.

Ok, sadly, today was just an introduction of this amazing guy. 🙂 On my next post, I will include a piece by Chopin that shows his million different charms really well.

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My Little Music Background

January 16, 2011

Ok, it seems a little bizarre that a teenager would want to write about ‘classical music’. Yes, I understand.

Nonetheless, my love of classical music is still huge. 🙂 But hey, how did I grow to love it so much?

Um, starting from my grandpa. He was trying to major in music, he was a big music enthusiast. However, his circumstances did not allow him; back then, the Korean War had begun. And then, my dad and his siblings were born. Our family was very poor at that time. My dad had loved music from his childhood and wanted to pursue his career in it. My grandparents, however, had to stop him because they could not afford it. My dad did not give up and got accepted into a prestigious music high school. Ever since he has studied music, and now he is a music professor.

In my family, the ‘music gene’ runs, as we say it. Starting from my grandpa, my dad and some of his other siblings had shown great musical talents. Now me and my cousins are third generation, and two of my cousins are already pursuing career in music. One is a singer and the other just recently got accepted in to the same high school my dad used to attend. His brother actually once considered majoring in saxophone few years ago but decided to just put it as his hobby. My other cousins also have great talents and use them in churches. And there is one baby boy who is our fourth generation (finally!) and he is a drum genius. He is only about 2 years old and has never learned how to play drums, but he ROCKS.  🙂 He has his own beats and shows amazing skills.

And I am certainly not an exception. Being my dad’s daughter, I had a lot of opportunities to encounter music since I a baby. He took me to many classical concerts (although when I was young, I used to sleep in those…. cough cough) and taught me a lot of things about music. I started learning piano ever since I was seven, and according to my teacher had a great talent. From then I had met many different teachers, and when I was in first grade, my teacher convinced me and my parents to major me in piano. Since then on I had lots of opportunities to take part in many different piano competitions and concerts. However for a little girl, the amount and burden of practices were too much to bear. Practicing for hours the same thing over and over again was not something that I wanted to do. We decided to just leave it to be my hobby.

However, then, I was just so tired of it that the very sound of the piano aggravated me. So I REALLY quit. For a year. And then I missed it too much and realized how big piano and music were to my life. Ever since then, I’ve played continually, although not necessarily professionally. 🙂

But it is perfectly alright, I mean I found another joy in it. I’ve tried many different genres of music since then but as I played more and more, realized that no other music could have the deepness of classical music. Its deepness awed me, and still does. It takes more than 10 times of work to accomplish one classical piece compared to other genres, but the one that really touches my soul is indeed classical music.

Now I love it as it is, and appreciate it the most. I am a big fan of it, although sometimes I have to admit it is a bit embarrassing to say that I am. I know people’s reactions; “Oh you like CLASSICAL MUSIC?” or “Oh wow.” or something along that line. And of course, it does not mean that I shun other genres of music. I love music overall and the other genres have their own tastes.

Yes, so this is my little journey of classical music. 🙂

To add onto it a bit more, I was able to let go of it happily and still embrace it the way it is because I found another passion in my life; math. 🙂 This is very off topic, but there are a lot of hidden relationships between those two and it is amazing how that is. These two companions have been amazing for me and will continue to be. 🙂