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Mozart Sonata For Two Pianos In D K488

November 29, 2010

Ahhh… Mozart!!

Almost all of Mozart’s music is lighthearted and playful. His music contains everlasting innocence and youth. Even after his death, he has left a great legacy for centuries. This is the true beauty of classics… the beauty never fades and always remain.

Mozart was a true genius that the world had never seen before, and never was going to, and definitely never will. Even in his time, he was known as the greatest musician of his time–which gradually led to centuries. However, he was infamous for dissipation and shallowness, regardless of his talents. As a person, he was more of a nuisance to those around him.

His characters are very well shown through a lot of his music. It generally tends to have lighter emotions and mischievous innocence. It is very rarely written in minor chords. He might have been a troublesome nuisance, but his transparency with his child-like characteristics were maybe what he truly wished to reveal through his music.

And in the history of classical music, there appears another figure as important as Mozart, if not more–Ludwig van Beethoven. His life and music were completely opposite from Mozart’s. How? and how does his music reveal that? I will elaborate more on that topic on my next entry.

For now, just listen and enjoy Mozart’s Sonata for two pianos, but do not take it very seriously; remember, lightheartedness is the key to enjoy this particular piece. 🙂


Bach Praeludium I

November 26, 2010

Just listen for a while.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Praeludium I could be described in one word: simple. No big fancy codes. Even the beginners could master this song in 30 minutes.

However, the true beauty that Bach wanted to express truly comes out from the simplicity. It brings peace to anyone listening to the music.

It is well-known that Bach was a devout christian and devoted all his music to God. It is shown clearly through a lot of his music; it gives you an insight to the heaven for a moment. His sincerity and his heart for peace and beauty are very well expressed.

For me, this music is one of my favorite. It rouses the deep peace inside my heart that no other music can–pop, jazz, rock, Mozart, Beethoven–whatever it might be. Also, it is astonishing for me sometimes how simplicity could truly be beautiful.

Please enjoy 🙂